Père (Father)

Cie Loïc Faure

Circus / Physical theatre

All audiences – Creation November 2021

Artist statement, February 2020 – I became a father twice. Now a parent and an artist, I felt the urge to create a show about parenthood, about how my fatherhood came to nourish my artistic practice of juggling and vice versa. In the daily handling of strollers, diapers or bottles, I developed a new circus gesture specific to parenthood. Perhaps the most telling example is the stroller, with which I had the impression of discovering a whole new world; handles that fold, seat that turns, sun protection, different inclinations, the stroller has become an element of our daily life, which we have learned to master, or at least we try… Between dance manipulation, walking and carrying, I worked with this new means of transport like an acrobat discovers a new circus apparatus. What could be more universal than becoming a parent? Yet, paradoxically, everyone manages as they wish/can, to finally develop their own techniques. Becoming a parent is a joyful madness full of questioning and sometimes absurd situations that are a precious material for the circus artist that I am. I wish to share with the audience a poetic and clownish vision of this moment of life.

A Cie Loïc Faure creation
Direction and interpretation: Loïc Faure
Technical Direction, Touring, Lighting Design: Nicolas Diaz
Sound design: Loïc Lefoll
Advisers: Sicaire Durieux and Sandrine Heyraud (Compagnie Chaliwaté), Florencia Demestri and Samuel Lefeuvre, Etienne Manceau (Compagnie Sacekripa).
Costumes: Noëlle Deckmyn
Photos: Clément Puig
Video: Thomas Barlatier – The Urban Moon.
Production and Diffusion: Label Saison
Administration: Myriam Chekhemani / La chouette diffusion